Get To Know Chip Koby for Expert Auto Repair Estimates, Advice & Consulting

Do you know Chip? Most people in the Central Indiana auto repair industry do! That means he can be your secret weapon for getting auto repairs done quickly, reliably, and in the most affordable manner possible. Chip has over 50 years in the auto industry, and he has earned a great reputation for providing excellent auto repairs, car sales, and customer service. Chip started Anything Auto Advisors in 2018 to help consumers navigate their way through the tricky auto repair and sales industry, saving them a lot of money and headaches. He does this by providing honest answers and communicating in a way that people can understand. Learn more about our Services and Repairs, or read some of the Testimonials from past customers!

Anything Auto Advisors provides advice, consulting, and estimates on your needed auto repairs, and then we can perform a wide variety of major and minor automotive service through our network of specialists. Chip knows how to get the parts needed at the lowest possible cost, and he knows who to use for the labor, based on their prices and expertise. In some cases, Chip may do the work himself, or he may use service providers he has been working with for decades to get the best price and the highest quality service of the type needed. You are under no obligation to get your service done through Anything Auto Advisors, but if you agree that our knowledge, experience, and price meet your needs, then you can count on Chip to get your work done, and to support you afterwards.

Contact Chip to see how he can help you. Use the form on our Contact page, or call 317-417-8294, or even email us at

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