Transmission Replacement / Transmission Repair

A transmission replacement is usually needed due to a bad transmission, often caused by it overheating and metal friction. There are many causes for this to occur, including the following.

  • Transmission not getting a proper flow of transmission fluid or coolant.
  • Clogged or leaking coolant or transmission fluid lines.
  • Radiator not working properly / not circulating antifreeze, or the related / connected transmission cooler not working properly.
  • Radiator offshoot hoses, like to the heater core, being clogged or leaking.
  • Leak in transmission cooler, mixing antifreeze and transmission fluid together.
  • Pumps (transmission fluid or coolant) not working properly. And pump may be inside the transmission today.
  • Bad electronic control module. Transmissions today are computer controlled / all electronic, so the electronics can have a problem and it looks like a bad transmission.
  • Dirty, gummy transmission fluid, or fluid getting too thin (both from not getting it changed frequently enough).
  • Poor transmission maintenance (not keeping the fluid clean / changed).
  • Damaged bottom pan (possibly from bottoming out the vehicle).
  • Bad / leaking pan seal.
  • Bad front seal where transmission connects to the engine, or a bad rear seal.
  • Mechanical defects, such as a bad plate or gear.
  • General wear and tear from excessive mileage.

Concerns Regarding a Transmission Replacement

Inexperienced or bad mechanics may not replace a transmission properly, or there may be other critical issues involved, due to some of the following problems.

  • Not determining and fixing the initial cause of the problem (see above).
  • Not replacing pumps and/or double checking the transmission cooler as part of a transmission replacement.
  • Making sure it really is a bad transmission, and not a computer or electronics issue creating a problem that looks like a bad transmission.
  • Mechanics overestimating their ability. A transmission replacement has always been a complex project, and today there are all the electronics and computer systems that have to be considered as well.
  • Misdiagnosing a transmission leak as an oil leak.
  • Not considering that the transmission fluid may be bad, because it can’t be checked, due to not having an external transmission dip tube.
  • Not understanding when it is best to use a used, rebuilt, or new replacement transmission, and not looking at all the options.
  • Alignment must be absolutely perfect when reinstalling a transmission, and seals must be perfect as well.
  • Not understanding the subtle slipping of the transmission, which is an early sign of a problem.
  • Poor communications. Many mechanics don’t understand how to communicate the problem clearly and present your options.
  • Dishonest repair shops. Unfortunately, there are many people out there looking to take advantage of people facing a major repair like this.
  • Long repair times. Many of the big shops don’t have the number of mechanics they used to, nor the experienced mechanics they used to, so it can currently take weeks just to get a problem looked at.
  • Overworked and stressed mechanics (due to the labor shortage) not doing their best work.

How Chip Koby and Anything Auto Advisors is Different

Chip Koby, the owner of Anything Auto Advisors, grew up in the auto parts business! He was there from a very young age, and was exposed to all the calamities that can occur with cars parts, and with engines in particular. His family sold used engines and had a used auto parts yard. Used parts can be perfect, and inexpensive, replacements for a bad engine, transmission, or other major component. Chip repeatedly saw his family’s business bring in a wrecked car that had been running just fine, but unfortunately was involved in an accident, which maybe damaged the front, back, side, etc. But most of the damage was not to the mechanical aspects of the car. 9 times out of 10, the engine was totally intact and in perfect working condition. So, they would offer that perfectly good used engine up to the public for a price far, far less than either a new or rebuilt engine. This creates a very attractive price point for someone facing such a major repair.

Using this same mentality, and knowing when to consider a used, rebuilt, or new component, and where to get each of them at the very best price, is the foundation for Anything Auto Advisors. Many repair companies will never even consider used or rebuilt major components, because they know you are stuck and there are bigger markups on new equipment. But we take a different approach. We fight for you, and do the right thing to get you the best solution and the best deal possible. When we do this, we both win, because we want to be the resource you turn to for all your auto repair needs.

And regardless of what type of component we end up using in your situation, our work always comes with a parts warranty, as well as a complete satisfaction guarantee. We can complete your repairs for less money, while also providing the peace of mind that you are covered if something goes wrong. Part of that piece of mind comes from knowing we are going to identify and fix the underlying problem, not just replace the part not working. This is an important difference compared to many repair shops.

Whether purchasing used, rebuilt, or new engines, transmissions, and other components, we know where to get the best prices that will save you money! By shopping the markets and negotiating with people we have worked with for 40 years or more, they provide us with special pricing and savings that we can pass along to you. Most repair companies only have certain sources they can purchase from, which makes it easier for them, but much more costly for you.

Also, along with the engine, transmission, or other major replacement, the other big cost factor to consider is the labor. Labor rates have gone up to as much as $150 to $200 per hour at the major car dealerships! As a small company with a great network of specialized mechanics, we can save you tremendously on the labor. Major auto repairs have gotten so expensive that at some places they are actually financing the repairs! But, our combination of getting the best pricing on the major components needed, and being able to provide lower labor costs, creates a situation where we can save our customers literally thousands of dollars in many cases. And often we can even do the work in a more timely manner. Depending on what kind of car you have, we often know what the likely problem is as soon as you call, because we have seen it before with that make and model. This type of experience can lead us to the problem faster, which helps get the problem resolved faster as well.

Give us a call and see how we can help, and how much money we can save you! We will respect you and talk to you like a human being. We know you probably aren’t a mechanic, so we will explain both the problem and all your options clearly and with understanding. Call 317-417-8294 today. If in the Carmel, IN area, we can even come to you and diagnose the problem!